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DIY Desk and Office Organizers Tutorials and Ideas

Working from home and running more than one small business means I have a ton of papers, supplies and products. There are all kinds of catalogs, fliers, packets, business cards, small prizes and products for my direct sales business.  Files, emails, order forms, project lists, customer contact slips and all just end up boxes and […]

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CEO of Me’s Best Advice for Small Business Owners

A couple of months ago, someone asked me to share the best advice I had for a new consultant just starting out in a new direct sales business. My advice below can apply to anyone joining a direct sales company, beginning their own business or anyone taking on any personal endeavor. 1. Connect with your WHY. […]

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How to clear clutter, keep a clean house & get rid of stuff

Being a CEO of Me® is all about balance and doing our best, even in our households.  This doesn’t mean having a house that’s always sparkly clean or that everything is always in it’s place.  It simply means creating systems that work for you & sticking to them that allow you to live in a […]

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Two words that can immediately improve your customer relationships

Giving excellent customer service and building strong customer relationships does not have to be complicated. It all begins with two words- “Thank you.” Those two words seem to be a rarity these days. I’ve found this to be especially true when it comes to retail and customer service.  Perhaps I’m just more sensitive to it because […]

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