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5 tips to improve and increase your recruiting & team building

Many direct sellers and network marketers struggle with recruiting and team building because of a lack of self-confidence, lack of belief in the opportunity, fear of rejection, not knowing the right word choices or not having good systems or onboarding and team training in place or having recruited in the past and those recruits not sticking with the business.

Recruiting has to be done consistently just like getting new customers, orders and booking parties every single month. 50-75% of all recruits never get active or stay less than a year. You can’t just recruit 3, 30, 300 or 3000 people and be done, it needs to be a goal, focus and conscious effort each and every week to bring in new people.

Your job is simply to keep sharing the opportunity with others, encouraging those who join, giving them a framework for how to build their own business and then working with those who chose to work and blessing and releasing the others. Each person has to be personally connected to their own goals and have the drive and desire to reach them and do the work themselves.

5 tips to improve and increase your recruiting & team building

Below are 5 tips to improve and increase your recruiting

1. Work on your mindset and mission for recruiting. Be passionate about helping others. Work on improving your own personal mindset, confidence and characteristics so you can become a great leader.

2. Make recruiting a priority and be consistent with sharing your opportunity. Remember your job is only to share the information and let others decide what to do with it. Detach from the outcome and stay focused on sharing the gift.

3. Focus on attracting your superstar recruits and positioning it as a business / career opportunity to get more motivated, action-taking team members. Always be on the lookout for people with those qualities and use words, images, messages that will peak their interest.

4. Share your opportunity in multiple ways. Have a recruiting packet, utilize videos, webinars, fb lives, opportunity events, lead magnets, email optins, your newsletter, a blog and other methods. Everyone learns differently and people typically need to hear something 5-8 times before they see the value, build trust and decide to say yes.

5. Be authentic in your marketing, messaging and recruiting. Showcase the benefits, share the value, give glimpses into what it’s like and how rewarding it is to be part of your team Share your story, your passion, your mission, why you love it, what others can gain from being part of your team and company. Remember your vibe attracts your tribe. Don’t be afraid to shine your light so others see what’s available for them.

The best way to recruit is to be authentic, to have a mission for your business and team and to share the benefits, show people what’s in it for them, connect people to the solutions your opportunity offers and get them excited about the community, personal growth, support and how they will personally benefit.

Your vibe attracts your tribe. Make sure your mindset, energy & focus when sharing about your business is in the right place and you’ll authentically attract all the amazing team members you need!

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