You want to introduce two people to one another for a specific reason. If you cannot create an introduction that is engaging and enticing, they may not be interested in what you have to tell them, even if it could benefit them. When struggling to write out concise introductions via email, there are three important steps that you can follow to create introductions that work.

ID-100313750Make Your Message Personal

When you are addressed by your full name in an email, do you tend to pay more attention to it? That’s because you get the feeling that the person knows you and has something useful to tell you. If you use a generic message without referring to the recipients by name, they will be able to tell that the rest of the content is not personalized, and they may stop reading. Anyone can send a message, but that does not mean that the recipients will read it.

If you want to get the attention of all parties, create a killer introduction by writing out a short non-fiction story that includes both of your recipients. You could briefly mention where and how you met them and why those moments were important.

Explain the Situation to Your Recipients

You have a great idea to introduce a few associates, but what is the main reason for it? What do you think they can get out of meeting one another? They are going to want to know the answer to this, so make it clear. They may have many things in common that could work in their favor, and if they can benefit in multiple ways from a meeting, briefly discuss those advantages in your message.

Get Your Point Across Without Hesitation

A lengthy introduction can turn readers away. If your recipients see an enormous paragraph without any breaks between it, they may just choose to delete the message because they do not feel like reading through it. Nearly 65 percent of people open their email from their phones or tablets instead of computers. If they are already multitasking when they open the message, they may not have enough time to read it all. Use short sentences and limit your introductory paragraph to about 4-5 sentences at most.

This process may come naturally to you when you start to use these three steps. As a result of your improved introductions, you may help different people connect with one another for both business and friendship.


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